Blüthner Model 6


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Date/Serial No.: c. 1896 (43494)

Finish: Newly French-polished Ebony

Size: L: 188cm (6'3''); W: 144cm

This is a classic Blüthner boudoir grand whose proportions offer generous sonority and the capacity for a wide dynamic range. It has the 'Aliquot' stringing - which provides an extra unstruck fourth string in the treble which sounds with sympathtic vibration - to give a more defined, crisp and clear sound to the upper register. This is a unique feature of Blüthner grands which was devised by Julius Blüthner in 1873, along with the patent action design. One of the advantages of this is that the touch is quite light. This piano has been restored in the recent past and has had its frame re-gilded at the same time as it was restrung. The key coverings have been replaced and we have French polished the case, as well as fully reconditioned and regulated the action. The result is a piano with a rich tone and lightish touch which has all the style and panache of a fine Blüthner grand made in Leipzig, Germany around the turn of the century. This particular model is still produced today and costs over £53,000.