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Deciding to buy a new or used piano could end up being costly should the interest fade or you decide you prefer another piano. However, it is unwise to spend too little on a piano, as a cheap instrument will have a poor tone, uneven touch and tuning instability. This will discourage, rather than encourage and inspire the developing pianist!

The alternative is our flexible Rent to Buy scheme which requires no deposit and includes free delivery*. This enables you to spend roughly the same as a poor second-hand instrument (e.g. c. £480) but will have the advantage of being a fully guaranteed instrument with a pleasing tone and an even touch which will give the pianist maximum encouragement and reward.

Options during the rental period (minimum one year)

  • A: Lose no money by buying the piano during the first 3 months of the rental, as we will refund the full amount that you have already paid.
  • B: If you buy the piano within 3-6 months, 6-9 months, or 9-12 months you will be refunded 80%, 60% or 50% of the rental respectively.

Options at the end of the rental period

  • C: Buy the piano – we will refund 50% of your first year’s rental toward the cost of the piano.
  • D: Continue to rent the piano – your first year’s 50% rent discount will not be lost or diminish.
  • E: Return the piano to us or hire another piano.

*Delivery to and collection from the ground floor within a 15 mile radius is included in the rental charge. The hirer is responsible for carriage charges outside this area and to any floor above or below the ground floor.

The hirer must ensure that the piano is tuned and maintained through The Piano Shop and the repair of any damage to the instrument is their responsibility.

The hirer may put the refund towards buying another piano other than the one that is rented, provided the RRP is the same value or more.

Any offers or sale prices are excluded from the rental agreement.

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