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Keeping your piano in tune at concert pitch is an important factor to consider for the longevity of the instrument and for your pleasure in playing. Most domestic pianos should be tuned at least once a year as a minimum, and ideally twice.

We work with a team of tuner technicians who are able to visit you at a time to suit your schedule. A visit to tune your piano is likely to cost about £75 if the instrument has been well looked after and is at concert pitch.

We advise that a first tuning of a newly installed instrument should be carried out between a month and six weeks after delivery to allow time for the piano to settle in to its new environment. Pianos can behave differently when delivered or moved as changes in the environment, particularly regarding temperature and humidity, can affect them in different ways. The tuners we work with are highly skilled experts and as well as tuning they will be able to answer any questions you may have about its maintenance.

To arrange a tuning, please call 01892 543233 or contact us using the form below.

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