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The Piano Shop Kent is just south of Tunbridge Wells on the A26 and has a fantastic selection of pianos at all levels, both upright and grand, new and restored. There are many restored Yamaha uprights and a wide range of other great makes, such as Bechstein, Bluthner and Steinway, as well as digital pianos by Kawai. We also have a workshop and offer restoration.

Having a good piano to play and practise on is vital to the enjoyment of making music and to progress as a musician. Some think that an old piano bought as a ‘beginner instrument’ that perhaps ‘just needs tuning’ will be good enough for them or their child to learn on. But the reality is that a piano with an uneven touch, poor tone or perhaps even loose tuning pins, will discourage learning and limit enjoyment. Our used pianos have been thoroughly reconditioned and are guaranteed for 5 years. This gives you the confidence that they are of the highest quality and will support any pianist in achieving their potential.

The Piano Shop team are passionate about everything to do with the piano and between them have decades of experience. The founder, Nigel Scaife, studied at the Royal College of Music and is an examiner for ABRSM (Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music) and regular contributor to Pianist magazine. He understands what makes for a good instrument and brings his experience as a musician and teacher to the careful selection of pianos.

The best way to find the right piano is to come in and try them, as comparison is key. No two pianos are the same and everyone will like something different. Being based in the Nevill Estate Yard means that there’s plenty of easy free parking and we’re open Monday to Saturday 10am to 5pm. There’s free ground floor delivery on all pianos - so why not visit us and find the perfect piano for you!