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Date/Serial no.: c. 1911 (86744)

Finish: Newly French polished Rosewood

Size: H: 131cm; L: 148cm: D: 68cm

Blüthner pianos were established by Julius Blüthner in Leipzig, 1853, and the company remains a family run business to this day . By 1900 they had become the largest piano manufacturer in Germany, producing some 5,000 instruments annually. They gained a worldwide reputation for manufacturing the finest, hand-crafted pianos available - a serious rival to Steinway! - and this example is no exception. It has a wonderfully rich and attractive tone which has depth as well as a resonant clarity of sound. The action has been completely reconditioned and it has new hammers and dampers. The newly French polished case is well-proportioned and a handsome piece of furniture, with finely crafted panels and some elegant features. As a musical instrument it is superb.