Wendl & Lung 161 Professional I

Wendl & Lung 161 Professional I


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Date/Serial No.: c. 2007 (19406)

FInish: Polished Ebony

Size: L: 161cm (5'3''); W: 145cm

It is unusual for us to be able to offer a baby grand in mint condition which is only a few years old - especially one with such an outstanding tone. The company of Wendl & Lung was based in Vienna where they had a team of young musicians and technicians who oversaw the manufacture and quality control of the pianos which they produced in China. In 2011 the company joined forces with Feurich and so pianos with the Wendl & Lung name are no long available as they are now called Feurich instead. This instrument has a rich, sophisticated tone with a European quality and the touch is very even and responsive. The action has had virtually no wear at all. All the features you would expect of a modern, high-quality baby grand are here, including the sostenuto pedal and the half-stick, and the sound is fantastic! This is a very well-made piano in 'as new' condition which would suit players of all levels. Please come and try it for yourself!