Steinway Model O


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Date/serial no.: c.1922 (208232)

Finish: Polished ebony

Size: L: 180cm (5'10,3/4); W: 147cm

This is a completely restored piano which retains its original soundboard and which has been restrung, regulated and voiced in our workshop. Being what Steinway call the largest of their 'small grands', it is large enough to satisfy pianists who demand a full Steinway sound whilst also being of a size which can be accommodated in almost any home. In other words, it's the quintessential 'living room' grand.

Originally made in 1922 it has the classic Steinway look and sound, combining traditional elegance with the contemporary polish and styling of a modern instrument. A new Model O costs over £69,000, so this piano is priced competitively at a level which represents excellent value.

The tone is richly sonorous and offers clarity and colour throughout the different ranges, and the medium touch is responsive and even. This instrument offers power and warmth, with a design that allows the solid spruce soundboard to freely and efficiently resonate - just like its larger counterparts. It's a fabulous instrument which needs to be played to be fully appreciated!

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