Kawai CN37


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The CN37 sets a new standard in digital piano value and performance. Combining the class-leading Responsive Hammer III keyboard action and stunning SK-EX and EX concert grand piano sounds, with powerful 4 speaker output, convenient USB audio features, Bluetooth® connectivity, and a broad selection of sounds, it delivers impressive specifications at an unbeatable price.

Frequencies at the lower range are delivered through the underside of the instrument, while mid-range and high frequencies are projected outwards through top-mounted speakers. This cleverly mirrors the sound projection of a grand piano.

In addition to grade-weighted hammers, the keyboard action also features counterweights within each key which help to lighten the touch of the keyboard during pianissimo passages, while adding a feel of greater substance when playing with force. There is scope for personalising the tonal character and playability of the instrument using the powerful Virtual technician function.

You can use USB memory devices to play back MP3 and WAV audio files, giving the possibility of learning the chords or melody for a new piece, or to play along with your favourite songs. Performances can be saved and then emailed to friends and family, listened to on a smartphone, or edited using an audio workstation.


  • 88 individually weighted keys with Ivory Touch surface
  • Progressive Harmonic Imaging™ (PHI), 88 key piano sampling
  • 324 sounds + 12 Drumsets, GM2 compatible
  • 256 note polyphony
  • USB (to Host + to Device)MIDI (IN/OUT)
  • Bluetooth® connectivity

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