Fritz Kuhla


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Data/Serial No.: c. 1934 (34937)

Finish: Newly French polished Ebony

Size: H: 131cm; L: 151cm; D: 64cm

This is a handsome looking piano with rounded column legs and a decorative front panel. It is the roughly the same size as a Yamaha U3 and has a very full, rich tone which is of exceptional quality. There is an amazing sustain to the sound and playing this piano is not dissimilar to playing a grand piano of much larger proportions. The touch is medium and the action has been reconditioned throughout. The original ivory key coverings were badly damaged so we have recovered them in a suitable off-white acrylic.

The Fritz Kuhla company was founded in Berlin in 1872, but not much seems to be known about them. In the 20th century they were bought by Euterpe, owned by Bechstein, and now their name is used by Toyo in Japan. The modern Kulha's are entirely different from the earlier hand-built German pianos from the inter-war years which are vastly superior. This is a fine instrument which would suit players of any level, being one of the best uprights we've ever restored!