Ernst Kaps


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Date/Serial No.: c.1903 (25131)

Finish: Newly French polished mahogany

Size: H: 130cm; L: 150cm; D: 66cm

This is a very attractive and stylish piano with warm mahogany veneering and brass inlay of the highest quality. It has been French polished in our workshop and the action has been dismantled and thoroughly reconditioned before being regulated, tuned and voiced. The tone is rich and sonorous, as you would expect with such a large overstrung piano of this period, built by one of the foremost German instrument makers in Dresden at the turn of the century. Like many Kaps pianos of this period, it boasts of being constructed with the 'Panzer System' - and it's certainly built like a tank! According to Wikipedia, the pianist and composer Percy Grainger learnt on a similar Kaps piano which is now housed at the Grainger museum in Melbourne, Australia.

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