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Date/Serial no.: c. 1995 (200951)

Finish: Satin Mahogany

Size: H: 107cm; L: 141cm; D: 56cm

This piano is in excellent condition throughout and does not appear to have been played very much since it was bought. It was made in Holland when for a few years in the early 1990s a Dutch company owned the Eavestaff name. Eventually, like so many well-established piano brands, the name was sold to a Chinese firm in 2004. This example has a warm, clear and rich sound which projects well given its relatively modest overall size. The touch is on the lighter side of medium and the action is a high quality 'Langer 80', making it very even and responsive. It has a useful celeste pedal to quieten the sound if needs be. This piano has an attractive modern case, with good grain patterning in the mahogany veneer, and as a musical instrument would particularly suit a beginner or intermediate player.