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Date/Serial no.: c.1910 (50321)

Size: L: 152cm (5’); W:141cm

Finish: Polished satinwood, with boxwood inlay, raised on gated legs

This beautiful piano has exceptionally rich veneer which shows off the flame and patterning of the rare satinwood’s grain to full effect. Although hand crafted in the early twentieth century by the most prestigious of British piano manufacturers, the style looks back to the previous century in aspects such as the hinged fallboard. The intricate fretwork of the desk is very fine and there are sliding panels at each side. The gated legs and brass castors reflect the elegant Edwardian period. It has a mellow full tone and a medium touch, making it suitable for all styles of music. It has been restrung at some point in its history and there is a small amount of wear in places, including a little moth damage which doesn’t affect the musical quality of the instrument. This is a wonderfully rewarding piano to play as well as being a stunning piece of furniture.

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