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Date/Serial no.: c. 1907 (74551)

Finish: French polished Rosewood

Size: L: 174cm (5'8''), W: 146cm; H: 100cm

This size of piano is the perfect domestic grand due to the proportions of its soundboard and the length of its strings which resonate at their optimum capacity. The tonal quality of this piano rivals instruments which are far larger – and more expensive! This example in Rosewood has been completely restored and has a new Renner action - a modern 'roller' action as opposed to the original Bluthner 'patent action', - as well as a full re-string and regilding of the frame. Crucially, it also has a new laminated wrest plank which ensures stability of tuning and longevity of the piano. It has the wonderful distinctive ‘golden tone’ that is so admired in Blüthner pianos and is capable of a wide range of colour and sonority. The touch is light, smooth and even and the ease this produces makes it a real pleasure to play. The elegant rosewood case, which we have newly French polished, has lovely grain patterning and the decorative music desk sets it all off to perfection.