Blüthner Model 6


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Date/Serial no.: c.1981 (145392)

Finish: Polished flame mahogany

Size: L: 191cm (6’3); W: 152cm

Blüthner pianos have always been a popular choice of domestic instrument and have found favour with many historically important musicians, including Liszt, Rachmaninoff and Debussy. The Blüthner at Abbey Road Studios was used for several iconic recordings, such as the Beatles’ Let it Be and The Long and Winding Road.

This is a modern version of Blüthner's classic 'Aliquot patent' design (using an extra un-struck string in the treble for each note to add more resonance) which is in excellent condition. The choice of veneers is superb and the attractive 'flame' patterning carries throughout the casework. The proportions of this instrument are ideal for a domestic space or small venue and give optimal resonating capacity and a superb tonal quality which is capable of great variety and nuance. It has an Renner roller-type action and the touch is medium to light. This is an elegant and stunning looking piano which has excellent musical qualities.

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