Bechstein Model 7


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Date/Serial no: c.1896 (41252)

Finish: Newly French polished ebony

Size: H: 138cm: L: 158cm; D: 65cm

This large model of overstrung Bechstein is relatively rare and we are delighted to be able to offer it in a restored condition, newly French polished. It is a very handsome piece of furniture, with the traditional three front panels but with pleasing curved sides which give it an added elegance. Tonally it is superb, with a full deep sonority in the bass and a richly singing sound in the treble register. The touch is quite light. It has the original set of ivory keys which are in immaculate condition. This piano has been well cared for over the years and we have now reconditioned the action and regulated it to ensure evenness and responsiveness of touch. This is a magnificent instrument and an characterful piece of furniture which has to be played to be fully appreciated!