Bechstein Model 10

Bechstein Model 10


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Date/Serial no.: c.1898 (49054)

Finish: Rosewood

Size: H: 127cm; L: 146; D: 60cm

These taller Bechsteins have long bass strings, which means that while they are not overstrung they still have a good sonority – and they also have the modern system of underdamping, unlike many pianos from this period. This example has had its action reconditioned and crucially its tuning pins replaced. This means that it will stay in tune as well as a modern piano. The tone is full and especially deep and resonant in the tenor and bass registers. The treble has a warm singing quality and this makes it a real pleasure to play. It's particularly good in Classical and Romantic repertoire. The finish of the casework has a lovely warm patina and unusually it has faded evenly from its original darker rosewood hue. It benefits from having its original ivory keys, which are in immaculate condition and the piano has clearly been well cared for over the years. A charming domestic instrument with a lovely warm and communicative tone.